National Defence Academy

Selection Process:

✔Written Exam
✔SSB Selection Test
✔Medical Examination

Written Exam

The National Defence Academy written exam is divided into 2 parts:
✔General Ability
The mathematics exam carry 300 marks and General Ability exam carry 600 marks, thus in total, written exam carry 900 marks. The exam on General Ability covers Current affairs, Physics and Chemistry, History, and English and mathematics exam covers math and reasoning.

SSB Round

Once the candidate qualify the written exam, the candidate has to go through the SSB round that includes – basic intelligence test, psychological test, Group testing, general Conference. This is an extensive test that is scheduled for 5 days.

Medical Test

After qualifying SSB round, the candidate has to appear for a medical test. Once the candidate qualify the medical test, he is declared as a passing candidate by Union Public Service Commission. The whole list of passing candidates is published on the website of UPSC.

Defence Academy

For NDA, CDS, AFCAT Exam, Alar Defence Academy offers Best Coaching & training. Whether you need to pass the Sainik School, RIMC, RMS entrance exam, Alar Academy provides comprehensive study materials, mock exams, and professional advice to ensure that students are confident and thoroughly prepared for the exam. Online, Offline and weekend batches are also available. Students are taught the leadership qualities and personality attributes of a defence person at a young age. The Alar Defence Academy has a long tradition of producing outstanding Indian Defense Service officers.


Why Prepare With Us

Mainly Army / Airforce & Navy Written Exam Syllabus includes mathematics, English, General knowledge, intelligence test as part of academy we prepare students with all these modules and provide them proper material through which students can prepare well for coaching. Defence Entrance Coaching Classes offers best and conducive environment for the students for exam preparations.

For those interested in defence exam preparation, Alar Defence Academy is the ideal option. Start your career and achieve heights by clearing the exam.



  • Safety: CCTV cameras at entrances of all hostels.
  • Fooding: Best Mess service with Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks, Milk, Eggs extra.
  • 24×7 electricity and water supply in all hostel.
  • A Well-equipped Gym in hostels.
  • Exclusive uninterrupted study room for students.
  • Medical facility available with free medicines provided to sick students.
  • Theatre Programes on every weekends.
  • Indoor and Outdoor Games facility.
  • Laundry, Hair Cutting facility with in Hostel.

NDA 2024 Exam Preparation

NDA 2024 Exam Preparation Tips can help you pass the NDA 2024 exam quickly. Among students interested in joining the Indian Defence Forces, the NDA Exam is the most popular. This examination is administered by the UPSC (Union Public Service Commission). Students interested in joining the Indian Army, Air Force, or Navy could use it as a stepping stone. It is a twice-yearly exam that is held across the country. The Alar Academy is a good place to go if you need proper instruction and preparation tips for the NDA written exam.


The NDA selection procedure includes a written test, as well as the SSB Interview, a personality and cognitive IQ test. Candidates who pass both rounds are eligible to advance to the final round. There are two papers being written at the moment: 1) General Ability Test (100 points) and 2) Mathematics (300 points) (600). Each paper will take 2 hours and 30 minutes to complete. Candidates should properly understand the NDA 2024 Exam Pattern before beginning their studies


The NDA 2024 Answer Key is a technique for forecasting NDA exam results for the next year. After passing this exam and clearing the cut-off, students are eligible to attend SSB interviews for the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Naval Academies. As a result, aspirants will have more time to check the UPSC NDA Answer Key 2024 before the UPSC NDA Cut Off 2024, which will be a lengthy process. As a result, they should begin studying as soon as possible for the SSB examinations, as interviews for these posts will begin shortly after. After downloading the NDA answer key, applicants should compare their answers to those recorded during the test. By glancing at the answers in the provided answer key, candidates can estimate their score. Candidates must follow the test administrators’ marking method to determine their final result

Useful NDA 2024 Exam Preparation Tips:

  • Understanding the NDA Exam Syllabus and Pattern: Get a printed copy of the NDA Curriculum and Exam structure before you start studying. As a result, applicants will be able to properly organise their time and cover each topic one at a time. The written component of the NDA exam consists of two subjects: mathematics and a general ability test. Obtaining the greatest exam books and study tools is also crucial.


  • Make a Study Schedule Which Personalises to your Needs: Candidates must figure out how much time they have left to prepare for the written exam, compile a list of the topics they need to cover and estimate how long it will take them to finish everything. As a result, set aside time for each subject as well as other activities.


  • To Make the most of your Study Time, Plan ahead of time: A well-thought-out study technique is required for better preparation. The phrase “smart study approach” relates to efficiently managing your time and the NDA 2024 syllabus. Your study strategy must be well-organized in order to achieve good results.


  • Your Basics Must be Crystal Clear: To begin, go over the entire syllabus and highlight any problems that need to be addressed further. Begin by learning the fundamentals of the topics. You won’t be able to tackle the more difficult questions unless you’ve mastered the basics. When you’ve mastered the fundamentals, look over the test format and syllabus.


  • Emphasize Comprehensive Knowledge and Proficiency in English: You must have a strong grasp of the English language to pass the NDA exam. Your English isn’t just examined in a written exam; if you speak English clearly during the interview, it may impress the interviewers. Because it is a requirement of the course, you should study General Knowledge intensively. You can improve your GK by reading newspapers, periodicals, and journals, as well as books by well-known authors that specialise in current events


  • Study Material: The usage of appropriate reading when preparing for a Research Exam is required. Although the stock market is flooded with book stocks, valuing each one is impossible. We’ve put together some NDA books to assist you in getting good results a through Examination. Prepare short notes while learning numerous topics. Note all the details in one place.


  • Examine Previous Year’s Exam Papers: It’s critical to get the preparation process right. You will improve your speed as well as have a better understanding of the NDA exam format and the difficulty level of the questions presented in the exam by solving previous year’s questions.


  • Personality and Health Preservation: The NDA’s Health Maintenance and Personality Selection programs are based on your personality, health, and written test results. All applicants are recommended to maintain a well-balanced diet and drink lots of water to keep active and healthy. To relieve tension, try yoga or another type of exercise or meditation.


  • Revision: Keep at least last one week only for revision. Candidates should take quick notes and go over them again and again. Candidates will be able to recall it for a longer period as a result of this. On the other hand, give yourself at least a week before the exam to prepare. Finally, don’t squander time studying topics that aren’t important. This will cause you to forget all you’ve learnt thus far. In the week preceding up to the exam, thoroughly review all of the topics and subjects you’ve studied. This will aid you in getting a good grade on the exam. Attempt online or offline mock tests to extend your speed and accuracy level.


  • Take a few of brief notes: While preparing for the NDA, a large amount of books and notes must be read. As a result, small notes that are convenient to take around and examine quickly, as well as notes that are valuable and meaningful, are preferred. NDA study materials can also be used to quickly master all of the essential concepts.


  • Keep up with the latest news: In the last five years, all of the major events that have transpired in India or around the world have been significant. Make it a habit to watch the news, read the newspapers, listen to celebrity interviews, and keep track of all the awards and honours you’ve received daily.


  • Maintain Your Fitness: You can’t afford to lose your health or your strength. Remember, we’re talking about the National Defence Academy; your health must come first. Eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly, or practise yoga, and sleep for at least 6 to 8 hours each night. Eat healthy & Sleep properly for a fresh mind & body. Try yoga & keep yourself calm.


Students can get a detailed NDA 2024 Exam Analysis from Alar Academy experts, who will use the information submitted by exam applicants. The overall exam analysis will cover the NDA exam difficulty level, NDA good attempts, and NDA questions asked in the exam. As a result, candidates are encouraged to stay in touch so that they can obtain expert assistance and assess their exam options.

Integrated Programmes

NDA coaching classes + School – Integrated Programme

To facilitate the students in NDA preparation, ALAR Defence Academy (Armed Forces Preparative Institute) under the guidance of retired DEFENCE OFFICERS offers integrated in-school classroom contact programmes for boys and girls on the pattern of military schools. The programme is offered to students in school campus premises with hostel facility within campus area for the safety of students (boys and girls). The core objective of the course is: to expand the reach of the expertise of ALAR Defence Academy top nda coaching in india in NDA training to the students staying in various parts of the country. To benefit the students by providing them adequate exposure to specialised coaching, physical training and SSB classes for nda coaching with schooling. It helps in saving money, time and efforts of the students & parents occurring due to migration to other cities from respective town / city for the need of specialised coaching for NDA and CBSE Schooling. ALAR Defence Academy ranks no 1 in top 10 nda coaching institute in india and provides best nda coaching in india for students want combined nda coaching with school in india NDA schoolingDefence schoolHow to join NDA after 10thNDA academyNDA after 10thNDA ki TaiyariBest defence academy in IndiaNDA foundationNDA 12thNDA 10th


A question asked by many NDA aspirants: –


  • how to manage preparation of CBSE School board exams and NDA classes simultaneously?
  • how to handle school and NDA ( Written+Physical+SSB) Preparation at the Same Time?
  • how to prepare for nda from class 11.
  • how to prepare nda for class 12 appearing students.
  • can defence entry of nda for girl candidates.


Let’s look at the learning process for different class / grade student.

When Student is in Class 8, 9 or 10

For NDA written exam preparation of class 8, 9 and 10 students, you don’t need to focus too much other than your school syllabus. You can prepare for different Olympiads and exams like NTSE to develop competitive skills that will help you to develop foundation for NDA written exam. The key thing is – make sure you study to understand the concepts, not just for getting marks.

For INTERVIEW and SSB Preparation, you have to consternate on Communication skills, Group Discussion, Physical fitness & GTO tasks.

It’s a practice that every NDA aspirant should adopt from a very young age.

For class 8, 9 and 10, a foundation course of ALAR Defence Acadmy for NDA can be handy for students, where the objective is to create a strong foundation for NDA along with the CBSE board school exams preparation.

A question asked by many students, can we give nda exam after 10th :-

No, you cannot give NDA exam after 10th. You need to be appearing in class 12th or 12th passed.

Serious NDA Preparation from Class 11

For NDA written exam preparation from class 11 onward, it’s more like a dedicated NDA preparation as per the syllabus. On one hand you will be studying as per your CBSE board school curriculum, and at the same time you have to put more effort for NDA preparation. ALAR defence institute is best nda coaching in india after 10th class.

There has been a tendency of students to take class 11 lightly. You should never make this mistake. Save these words, “Class 11 is very important in NDA preparation”. Focus on every chapter and understand the concepts because in class 12 you will find use of most of the topics of class 11 and you will be appearing for the NDA exam next year while pursuing your 12th class. You can’t waste your any attempt to appear in NDA exam as the age limit is very important factor in defence entry. ALAR gives nda foundation course after 10th class.

For INTERVIEW and SSB Preparation, you have to consternate on Communication skills, Group Discussion, Physical fitness & GTO tasks. Regular participation in debates, Group Discussions & GTO tasks help for SSB preparations.

A question asked by many students, can 11th class student give nda exam :- No, you cannot give NDA exam when you are 11th class student. Educational qualification to appear for NDA exam is that the candidate must have passed class 12th from any recognised board or the candidates who are appearing in class 12th same year are also eligible to appear for NDA exam, however if you are in class 11th then sorry but you are not eligible to appear for NDA exam.

Combined Preparation of CBSE School Board and NDA from Class 12

For NDA written exam preparation first advice is to utilize your school hours in the best possible way. Understand everything that is taught in the class. In-case you missed out on anything, try to clear that after reaching home / hostel room. Solve problems that are left by your teacher in the class. Go through the examples in NCERT (school) textbook. They are very valuable for the preparation of school board exams and NDA written.

It will be best if you finish these things as early as possible. Take a break and after that you have to study exclusively for NDA. You can refer to recommended study material for NDA by your classroom teaching faculty, to understand theory and practice problems.

For INTERVIEW and SSB Preparation, you have to consternate on Communication skills, Group Discussion, Physical fitness & GTO tasks. Regular participation in debates, Group Discussions & GTO tasks help for SSB preparations.

Important note:- Only unmarried male & female candidates will be eligible for NDA examination.

Schedule for the Boarders (Mon- Sat)


5:30 a.m. Wake up Call
5:45 a.m. to 6:15 a.m. Exercise
6:15 a.m. to 6:45 a.m. Toget Ready for School
6:45 a.m to 7:15 a.m Breakfast
7:15 a.m. to 7:30 a.m. Roll Call by the Warden
7:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. School Classes
11:00 a.m. to 11:15 a.m Refreshment Break
11:15 a.m. to 2.00 p.m. School Classes
2:00 p.m. to 2:10 p.m. Roll Call by the Warden
2:10 p.m to 2:25 p.m. Change into Hostel Uniform
2:25 3:00 p.m. Lunch
3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Coaching Classes
6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Evening Games
7:00 p.m to 7:15 p.m. Roll Call by the Warden
7:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Dinner
8.30 p.m. to 8.40 p.m. Roll Call by the Warden
8:40 p.m. to 10.30 p.m. Self Study
10:30 p.m. Sleep Time

Tips to Prepare for NDA and Boards at the Same Time

  • Don’t miss out on any class either classroom or Ground training and give your full attention in the class.
  • Make notes which are easy to read for you.
  • Solve regular questions on the topics taught in the class.
  • Solve questions that are within the syllabus. Don’t go deep into the topic as if you are doing research. The objective is to clear the NDA examination, you can do the research part later when you get admitted to NDA!
  • In the later stage of your preparation, you can go for solving online mock tests for NDA, nda online coaching.

If you are not understanding anything, take help from your trainers, friends, but make sure you understand the concepts properly before starting to solve the problems. Once everything is clear, try to solve as many questions as possible.

Take a short break after 30 minutes of continuous study. Close your eyes for a few minutes, have water, etc. Make sure you have 7 hours of peaceful sleep. Before sleep, do a quick revision of the things you have learned throughout the day.

If you put your best effort, stay focused and avoid distractions, you can do well in both NDA and School Board exams.


Benefits of Early Joining in ALAR Defence Academy Campus

  • Gives you more time to adapt to the quantum jump in level of difficulty with better ease as there is more time for understanding and consolidation over a longer spread academic plan under the guidance of retired DEFENCE OFFICERS.
  • Optimum utilization of time available as per guidance of trainers.
  • For INTERVIEW and SSB Preparation, regular classes help you to improve your Communication skills, Group Discussion skills, Physical fitness & GTO tasks. Regular participation in debates, Group Discussions & GTO tasks help for SSB preparations for nda coaching near me.
  • Early starters will always have more time before the actual School & NDA Entrance Exams, as their course curriculum will finish much before the batches starting later.
  • More time to consolidate on one’s performance and for self-revision, polishing of examination temperament & removal of last moment doubts. This is very vital to help a student achieve a quantum jump in the performance in NDA Examination.
  • As serious aspirants never would like to wait, the competence of the batch starting early would be very high as the brightest / serious of the lot will join at this stage thus giving you that better competition you always wanted.
  • Start early with ALAR Defence academy for NDA coaching with School – Integrated programme, give you more time for academics, and physical fitness for all the defence entry.
  • ALAR defence classes provides nda coaching in delhi and NDA coaching in chandigarh.

NDA schoolingDefence schoolHow to join NDA after 10thNDA academyNDA after 10thNDA ki TaiyariBest defence academy in IndiaNDA foundationNDA 12thNDA 10th





NDA Foundation

NDA Programme (Join the Best NDA Foundation coaching in India with schooling after class 10th)

NDA/NAVAL ACADEMY ENTRY: Boys who passed 12th science (PCM stream) can enter the national defence academy. At the National Defence Academy candidates are out through graduation (B.Sc./BA) whereas at the Naval academy candidates go through four years B Tech programme. The complete expenses towards lodging/boarding/education/medical are borne by the government. In addition, the candidates are paid 10000 per month. The aspiring candidates are required to go through an entrance test conducted by the UPSC, which are held twice a year and thereafter pass in the services selection board (SSB).

NDA/NA Exam Pattern

Paper -I

Subject Marks No. of Questions No. of Questions
Mathematics 300 Marks 120 Questions 150 Minutes


Paper- II

Subjects Marks

600 Marks

No. of Questions

150 Questions


150 Minutes

English: 50 Q

Physics: 19-25 Q

Chemistry: 13-15 Q

Biology: 10 Q

History: 20 Q

Geography: 10-15 Q

Polity: 3-5 Q

Economics: 2-4Q

Current Affair: 8-10 Q



SSB for NDA Selection:

The Indian Army has three selection centres across the country. These are Selection centre East at Allahabad, Selection Centre Central at Bhopal and Selection Centre at Bengaluru.

The navy has 3 SSBs, one each at Bhopal, Bengaluru and Coimbatore.

The Airforce has SSB,s one each at Dehradun, Mysore, Gandhinagar, Varanasi, and Kachrapara (WB).


Testing schedule:

Unlike other organization, the selection process in the Armed Forces is very elaborate and is done over five days. Three different assessors namely the Interviewing Officer, Group Testing Officer and the Psychologist test the candidate from three different perspectives and arrive at their respective decision .thereafter, on the last day in the board conference, they all sit together and discuss each case to arrive at a final decision.


National Defence Academy has approximately 370 Officers vacancy to include 208 for Army Officer, 42 for Naval and 120 for Air Force officer (including 28 for ground Duties). There is a special entry for 10+2 (30 ). Now we would share information regarding Examination Centre. There are different exam centres in different states. Which are as follows.

Agartala, Ahmedabad, Aizawl, Prayagraj (Allahabad), Bengaluru, Bareilly, Bhopal, Chandigarh, Chennai, Cuttack, Dehradun, Delhi, Dharwad, Dispur, Gangtok, Hyderabad, Imphal, Itanagar, Jaipur, Jammu, Jorhat, Kochi, Kohima, Kolkata, Lucknow, Madurai, Mumbai, Nagpur, Panaji (Goa), Patna, Port Blair, Raipur, Ranchi, Sambalpur, Shillong, Shimla, Srinagar, Thiruvananthapuram, Tirupati, Udaipur and Vishakhapatnam.


Candidates must not be married until they complete their full training. A candidate who marries during training shall be discharged and will be liable to refund all expenditure incurred on him by the Government.

Educational Qualifications:

Any student who passes the 10+2 pattern of School Education or equivalent examination conducted by a State Education Board is eligible For the Army Wing of National Defence Academy.

Students whop pass 12th with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics of the 10+2 pattern of School Education or equivalent conducted by a State Education Board is eligible For Air Force and Naval Wings of National Defence Academy.

Candidates who are appearing in the 12th Class appearing students can also apply for this examination.

For candidates with Army as the first choice can contact Army Headquarters, A.G’s Branch, RTG (NDA Entry), West Block-III, Wing-1, R. K. Puram, New Delhi-110066, Phone No. 26175473.

For candidates with Navy/Naval Academy as the first choice can contact Naval Headquarters, Directorate of Manpower & Recruitment, OI&R Section, R. No. 204, ‘C’ Wing, Sena Bhawan, New Delhi-110011, Phone No. 23010097/23011282.

For candidates with Air Force as the first choice can contact Air Headquarters, Directorate of Personnel (Officers), PO 3 (A), Room No. 17, ‘J’ Block, Opp. Vayu Bhawan, Motilal Nehru Marg, New Delhi- 110106, Phone No. 23010231 Extn. 7645/7646/7610..

You should join the best NDA Foundation coaching in India.


There is a Two-stage selection procedure based on Psychological Aptitude Test and Intelligence Test . All the candidates will be put to stage-one test on the first day of reporting at Selection Centres/Air Force Selection Boards/Naval Selection Boards. Only those candidates who qualify at stage one will be admitted to the second stage/remaining tests. Those candidates who qualify stage II will be required to submit the Original Certificates along with one photocopy each of : (i) Original Matriculation pass certificate or equivalent in support of date of

birth, (ii) Original 10+2 pass certificate or equivalent in support of educational qualification.

candidates have to score minimum qualifying marks separately in the Written examination and Officer Potentiality Test as fixed by the Services Selection Board at their discretion. Over and above candidates for the Air Force, SSB qualified candidates as per preference for flying branch of Air Force, should separately qualify the CPSS (COMPUTERISED PILOT SELECTION SYSTEM )(PILOT APTITUDE TEST).A CANDIDATE WHO FAILS IN THE CPSS CANNOT APPLY FOR ADMISSION TO THE NATIONAL DEFENCE ACADEMY EXAMINATION FOR THE FLYING BRANCH OF AIR FORCE WING OR GENERAL DUTIES (PILOT) BRANCH OR NAVAL AIR ARM.One thing is very clear that Success in the examination confers no right of admission to the Academy. A candidate must satisfy the appointing authority that he is suitable in all respects for admission to the Academy.


There are written exam and SSB exam information given below.








2½ Hours


General Ability Test 02

2½ Hours




SSB Test/Interview:


Intelligence and Personality Test

The SSB procedure consists of two-stage Selection process

Only those candidates who clear the stage I are permitted to appear for stage II. The details are Stage I comprises of Officer Intelligence Rating (OIR) tests are Picture Perception Description Test (PP&DT).

Stage II Comprises of Interview, Group Testing Officer Tasks, Psychology Tests and the Conference. These tests are conducted over 4 days. The personality of a candidate is assessed by three different assessors : The Interviewing Officer (IO), Group Testing Officer (GTO) and the Psychologist. There are no separate weightage for each test. The mks are allotted by assessors only after taking into consideration the performance of the candidate holistically in all the test. In addition, marks for Conference are also allotted based on the initial performance of the Candidate in the three techniques and decision of the Board. All these have equal weightage.

The various tests of IO, GTO and Psych are designed to bring out the presence/absence of Officer Like Qualities and their trainability in a candidate. Accordingly candidates are Recommended or Not Recommended at the SSB.

Medical Procedure

A candidate recommended by the Services Selection Board will undergo a medical examination by a Board of Service Medical Officers. Only those candidates will be admitted to the academy who are declared fit by the Medical Board. The proceedings of the Medical Board are confidential and will not be divulged to anyone. However, the candidates declared unfit will be intimated by

the President of the Medical Board and the procedure for request for an Appeal Medical Board will also be intimated to the candidate.

  1. Candidates declared unfit during Appeal Medical Board will be intimated about the provision of Review Medical Board.

  1. Medical Standards and procedure for Army, Navy and Air Force (Flying Branch and Ground Duty Branch) are given in Annexure ‘A’. Annexure ‘B’ and Annexure ‘C’ respectively, which is also available at following websites:-

  1. For Officers Entry into Army : Medical Standards and Procedure of Medical Examination at

  2. For Officers Entry for Air Force (flying & Ground duty branches)

: Medical Standards and Procedure of Medical Examination at

  1. For Officers Entry for Navy : Medical Standards and Medical Examination at


    1. The Armed Forces Medical Services are responsible for ensuring selection of ‘Medically Fit’ individuals into the Armed Forces.

    1. All Armed Forces personnel regardless of occupational specialty, unit assignment, age or gender should have a basic level of general ‘Medical fitness’ when inducted into service. This basic level of fitness can then be used as a benchmark to train personnel for further physically demanding occupational specialties or unit assignments. This will enhance deployable combat readiness.

    2. Medical examinations are carried out meticulously by Armed Forces Medical Services Medical Officers. These Medical Officers are well oriented to specific working conditions of Armed Forces after undergoing basic military training. Medical examinations are finalized by the Board of Medical Officers. The decision of the Medical Board is final. In case of any doubt about any disease/disability/injury/genetic disorder etc noticed during enrolment/ commissioning, the benefit of doubt will be given to State.

  1. Height and Weight: Height requirement varies as per the stream of entry. Weight should be proportionate to height as per the chart given below:-

      1. Body Mass Index should be below 25.

      2. Waist Hip ratio should be below 0.9 for males and 0.8 for females.

      3. Waist Circumference should be less than 90 cm for males and 80 cm for females.

(iv) All biochemical metabolic parameters should be within normal limits.


A candidate will not be assessed physically fit unless the examination as a whole shows that he is physically and mentally capable of withstanding severe physical and mental strain for prolonged periods in any climate in any part of the world.

The medical standards spelt out pertain to initial entry medical standards. Continuation of medical fitness during training will be assessed during the periodic medical examinations held at NDA prior to commissioning. If, however, any disease or disability is detected during the training phase, which will have a bearing on the flight cadets subsequent physical fitness and medical category; such cases will be referred expeditiously to IAM (for aircrew)/ specialists of MH (for non-aircrew) under intimation to the office of DGMS (Air)-Med-7. At IAM.

After clearing all exam, Immediately after the selected candidates join the Academy, a preliminary examination will be held in the following subjects:

  1. English;

  2. Mathematics;

  3. Science;

  4. Hindi.


The selected candidates for the three services viz, Army, Navy and Air Force have academic and physical training for a period of 3 years at the National Defence Academy. The training during the first two and half years is common to the cadets of three wings. All the cadets on passing out will be awarded degrees from Jawaharlal Nehru University Delhi .

The selected candidates of the Naval Academy will be given preliminary training both academic and physical, for a period of 04 years at Indian Naval Academy, Ezhimala. The cadets of 10+2 Cadet Entry Scheme will be awarded a B. Tech Degree on successful completion of training.

On passing out from the National Defence Academy, Army Cadets will go to the Indian Military Academy, Dehra Dun, Naval Cadets to Indian Naval Academy, Ezhimala and Air Force cadets and Ground Duty-Non Tech streams to Air Force Academy, Hyderabad and Air Force cadets of Ground Duty–Tech stream to Air Force Technical College, Bengaluru.

Important thing which we should know that At the I.M.A., Army Cadets are known as Gentlemen Cadets and are given strenuous military training for a period of one year aimed at turning them into officer capable of leading infantry Sub- units. On successful completion of training Gentlemen Cadets are granted Permanent Commission in the rank of Lt subject to being medically fit in “SHAPE” one.

The Naval cadets are selected for the Executive Branch of the Navy, on passing out from the National Defence Academy and are given further training at Indian Naval Academy, Ezhimala for a period of one year on successful completion of which they are promoted to the rank of Sub Lieutenants. Further they will be awarded by B Tech Degree by Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU).

Air Force Cadets receive flying training for a period of 1½ years. However, at the end of 1 year of training they are given provisional Commission in the rank of Flying Officer. After successful completion of further training of six months they are absorbed as permanent commissioned officers on probation for a period of one year.

Air Force Ground Duties Branch Cadets receive stream wise specialist training for a period of one year. At the end of one year of training they are given provisional commission in the rank of Flying Officer. Subsequently, they are absorbed as permanent commissioned officers on probation of one year.





Air Force





Flying Officer








Lt. Commander

Squadron Leader












Group Captain



Colonel (Time Scale)

Captain (Time Scale)

Group Captain (Time Scale)




Air Commodore


Major General



Air Vice







Air Marshal




Air Chief Marshal

Visit Our Alar Academy Virtually –

6 NDA Preparation Tips to Excel in the NDA Exam

The NDA exam or National Defence Academy exam is the best option to join the Indian Defence Forces. It is the path to join the prestigious Indian Army, Airforce, or Navy. Cracking the NDA exam is not everyone’s cup of tea and requires hard work, the right mindset, and perseverance. Apart from joining the best coaching institute,  you should consider the following 6 NDA preparation tips to excel in the NDA exam in the first attempt:

1. Be Familiar with the NDA exam pattern and syllabus

Understanding the NDA exam pattern and syllabus will open doors to your success in the exam. The written examination consists of 2 papers – Mathematics (120 questions of 300 marks) and General Ability Test or GAT (150 questions of 600 marks). Each paper is 2.5 hours. The candidates are judged out of 1800 marks, out of which 900 marks are assigned to the written exam and 900 marks to SSB.

2. Practice previous year NDA question papers

One of the best NDA preparation tips to excel in the NDA exam is to practice the previous year’s NDA question papers to get an idea of the exam pattern. The exam consists of multiple-choice questions in Hindi or English language. In Maths, you will get 2.5 marks for the right answer and 0.83 marks will be deducted for the wrong answer. In GAT or General Ability Test, 4 marks will be given while 1.33 marks will be deducted for wrong answers.

3. Paper-wise NDA Exam Preparation Tips

  • NDA Preparation Tips for Paper 1 – Mathematics

In Mathematics, the questions are asked from Differential Calculus, Integral Calculus, Trigonometry, Vector Algebra, Algebra, Probability and Statistics, and Matrices and Determinants. The following tips will help crack this section:

  • You should have clarity in concepts.
  • You must revisit the basics if your concepts are not clear and solve as many mathematical problems as possible.
  • Effective time management is essential as you need to solve all the questions within the stipulated period.
  • You must practice previous year’s question papers.

NDA Preparation Tips for GAT or General Ability Test

GAT or General Ability Test consists of 2 parts. Part A comprises questions from English and Part B consists of questions from History, Geography, Freedom Movement, General Science, Current Events, Chemistry, etc.

Part A – English

The English Test is of 200 Marks and covers topics from grammar, vocabulary, comprehension, and grammar usage. You should read magazines and newspapers daily. Also, candidates should focus on basic grammar rules. You must keep a dictionary to understand the meaning of difficult words.

Part B – General Knowledge

GK or general knowledge test carries 400 marks and checks the understanding of the candidate on current affairs. It consists of questions from Indian History, Geography, General Science, Current Events, and Chemistry. Following are the preparation tips:

  • Follow the news updates regularly.
  • You must be aware of events like arts, sports, literature, etc.
  • Read about the present economic scenario, the latest policies, and the topics related to India and its neighboring countries.

4. Tips by NDA Toppers to Crack the NDA Exam

Following are the NDA preparation tips to excel in the NDA exam by NDA toppers:

Piyush Thorve ( NDA 2019 AIR 16)

  • Be clear with all the exam concepts.
  • Refer to all NCERT books.
  • Prepare a timetable allocating equal time to all subjects and study accordingly.
  • Avoid stress before the examination.

Sparsh Kankane (NDA Exam 2018 AIR 1)

  • Work hard and practice regularly to secure good marks.
  • Understand the syllabus and exam pattern.
  • Solve all the previous years’ question papers to know the type of questions asked in the examination.

5. Take NDA Mock Tests Seriously

NDA Mock tests are essential to increase your speed and accuracy. Once you complete the entire syllabus, you must appear for the mock test. This will help you identify your weak areas so that you can work on them. This is one of the most effective NDA preparation tips to excel in the NDA exam.

6. Prepare for SSB Interview

SSB interview consists of Psychological Aptitude and Intelligence Test. You should follow the tips given below:

  • Maintain good physical strength and health.
  • Exercise regularly and eat a balanced diet.
  • Improve your Communication Skills.
  • Work on your overall personality.
  • Read the newspaper regularly to stay updated with the latest news.

Frequently Asked Questions on NDA Preparation

Que-1. What is the ideal time for NDA preparation?

The ideal time is 6 months before the release of notification.

Que.-2 Shall I give mock tests before the NDA exam?

Yes, you must attempt mock tests for the NDA exam as it will help you increase your speed and accuracy.

Que-3. How long should I study for the NDA exam?

You should study at least for 3-4 hours daily for the NDA exam.

Que-4. How to prepare for a Science subject for an NDA exam?

You can prepare for Science subjects by referring to NCERT books.

Que-5. What is the level of questions in the NDA exam?

The questions asked in the NDA exam are of the 10th and 12th levels.

Que-6. Which books are best for NDA preparation?

NCERT books of classes 9,10, 11, and 12 are best for NDA preparation.

Que-7. What are the essential topics for NDA General Knowledge?

For NDA General Knowledge, the questions are asked from Current Events, Physics, General Science, Indian History, Geography, and Physics.

Que-8. What are the topics important for scoring good marks in maths in the NDA exam?

The important topics for the NDA maths section are Algebra, Integral Calculus, Vector Algebra, Differential Equations, Statistics and Probability, Analytical Geometry, and Matrices and Determinants.