Alar Education Service
Alar Education Services
Director: Dr Arun Sheoran

A Meeting of Minds

ALAR literary means to be like wings or composed of wings. Our academy motto is to impart such quality education to entire nation that our budding stars reach to sky. Academy Journey started with a single classroom with 9 students in March 2015. Since then academy has produced selections in various state level and national level competitions. Our students have been selected to NDA as well as to various defense forces wings such as Navy and Air force. Apart of this every year a number of students have qualified for the admission in Sainik School and Military school admission. Our highly talented and experienced team is always working tirelessly for the record breaking results.

A Singular Focus

President Smith articulated his hope and vision for the College at the first meeting in 1888: "The question before us is how to become one in spirit, not necessarily in opinion."

The College's commitment to answering that question - and many others - continues to guide it today.

As President Smith said in his inaugural address, "If we take ourselves back to the College in its early years, we would find many major differences from what we observe today. . . . And yet, many of us connected to the College feel that we might just as easily have been there - that going back to the College in its early days, or in fact at any time since its inception, we would know unmistakably that we were at the Williams College.

Why is this? Because our college, from its very inception, has been driven by a singular focus on inquiry - with a firm belief in the value of open, rigorous, and intense inquiry and a common understanding that this must be the defining feature of this establishment. Everything about the Williams College that we recognize as distinctive flows from this commitment."

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